Enceladus – the fourth moon of Saturn. A small, frozen world habitable only due to the presence of water and scattered hydro-thermal vents, which have been harnessed to provide for the few habitats established by the few colonists who call the moon home. On the stage of Solar politics, it should have drawn no attention at all…yet for reasons unknown to all, the colony was destined to draw the eyes of humanity as it burned in the fires of war.

Many aspects of the pivotal strike in the Jovian Conflict have remained a mystery for decades, but now the time has come to reveal the truth behind it, and the threat that concealed itself behind the massacre. Join an elite team of reconnaissance agents sent by the Earth Forces to gather data on the mysterious Andronicus Facility and, if possible, retrieve the spy Dr. Markev Hayeson, who went silent shortly after infiltrating the facility himself…

Enceladus: Casualties of War is the first in an ongoing series of table-top RPG adventures set in the G.E.A.R.E. universe, developed by United Fleet and Marines personnel specifically and exclusively for MechaCon. Powered by the OVA anime-influenced RPG system, these fast-paced and fun table-top events will fill in aspects of the story that have not yet been revealed, and will influence its continuing development. Join the Conflict, uncover long-forgotten secrets, and, if you’re lucky, save the human race!


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