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Electronic Gaming

What would an anime convention be without the hottest in electronic gaming, both the latest and greatest as well as old school? Operating all day and all night, our Sim Deck doesn’t fail to deliver! Follow @MechaConGaming on Twitter for all the latest updates!

MechaCon’s Sim Deck offers attendees a variety of playable console games and features old and new consoles alike. Open all three days of MechaCon, our gaming room promises to be a fun-filled pit-stop at any point in your convention weekend.

Interactive Entertainment


Battletech Cockpit Simulator Pods:

The battle simulation pods are back! This year, MechCorps returns to MechaCon!

  • Ever wanted to be the pilot of a giant robot?
  • Have you played MechWarrior, MechAssault or other high-tech wargames and wanted to know what it REALLY feels like to pilot a ‘Mech?
  • Got road rage and have the urge to “pwn”?

… have we got a good time planned for you.

You’ve got 75 tons of futuristic fighting machine at your fingertips. You punch the throttle

forward and your BattleMech strides out into high noon of the planet Solaris VII. On the horizon, you spot an

opponent’s ‘Mech darting around the blasted ruins of a building. It’s your best friend, the one that took your last energy drink! You slide your cross-hairs onto their ‘Mech, squeeze the trigger, and parts fly from a boiling fireball! As your ‘Mech’s feet scatter the ashes of your friend’s ‘Mech, you scan the area for other enemies, but you know th

at your friend will be back… and payback is hell…. you’re just glad you brought the credit card.

MechCorps Battletech

During MechaCon, go up against seven live and up to and additional eight AI opponents in team or free-for-all

delivers adrenaline-pumping action. Every moment counts as you control a thirty-foot tall, 75-ton walking tank, blasting your way to victory. From the moment you spot an opponent on your radar screen to the explosive battles, you are exhilarated. Enjoy the hunt for prey in a futuristic wasteland from inside our BattleMech Cockpit Simulator Pods.

mayhem. BattleTech is not hide and seek, it’s seek and destroy.MechCorps BattleTech


A short training session will get you ready for battle. Afterwards, you can talk smack while enjoying a mission review video of your battle and comparing your score sheet to the other pilots in your mission.

Feel free to get a head start via the Training Video and Manual on the MechCorps website:

Sleeping Samurai

Attention Civilians! Are you prepared to defend yourself in a pirate attack? U.F.S. MechaCon in partnership with Sleeping Samurai present hand-to-hand combat training in the Simulated Combat Deck. Stop by during your stay to receive personal instruction in the ancient ways of martial combat with non-lethal training weapons in a safe and controlled environment. Don’t be caught off guard by pirates again!

SLEEPING SAMURAI is all about bringing Interactive Entertainment to conventions by way of hand made foam weapons, created to simulate actual weapons with as much historical accuracy as possible and crafted entirely by the staff of Sleeping Samurai. Whether you are looking for a foam Katana or a foam Hammer, you should find what you need in their wide array of weapons. Custom orders are always welcome!

Be sure to also check out our other schedules as MechaCon 2017 approaches!