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Electronic Gaming

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Electronic Gaming

What would an anime convention be without the hottest in electronic gaming, both the latest and greatest as well as old school? Operating all day and all night, our Sim Deck doesn’t fail to deliver! Follow @MechaConGaming on Twitter for all the latest updates!

MechaCon’s Sim Deck offers attendees a variety of playable console games and features old and new consoles alike. Open all three days of MechaCon, our gaming room promises to be a fun-filled pit-stop at any point in your convention weekend.

Tokyo Attack

MechaCon Anime Convention is proud to announce Tokyo Attack! for the first time at our convention!

Tokyo Attack! is the oldest and largest provider of Japanese arcade machines in America. With over 60 import arcade cabinets and more than a decade of supplying games to events, they are the premier Japanese arcade experience.

Since their beginnings as Bemani Invasion, three core values have driven them and provided a foundation for success: a love for Japanese arcades, a love for the community, and a desire to make the most out of every convention they attend. While their lineup and events list may be constantly changing, one thing has always stayed the same: their dedication to bringing America the authentic Japanese arcade experience.

Be sure to stop by the gaming room to check out the many Japanese arcade titles on offer, such as Dance Dance Revolution, Pump It Up, Taiko no Tatsujin, jubeat and Super Table-Flip!

Pachinko Fever

Back in 2009, Pachinko Fever purchased their first pachinko machine to engage fans at conventions. The rest, they say, is history, as they now own over 30 machines. For those unfamiliar, pachinko is the Japanese version of pinball, one of Japan’s favorite leisure activities for the past century. Their machines represent the history of pachinko in Japan over the last 60+ years, with machines dating all the way back to 1951! Pachinko Fever recreates the pachinko experience right here in the US – without the Yakuza, of course!

Be sure to stop by Pachinko Fever’s parlor area inside the Sim Deck and win yourself a prize!

Interactive Entertainment

Video Game Cosplay Exhibition

Attention all video game fans! We have a fever, and the only cure is more c̶o̶w̶b̶e̶l̶l̶ video game cosplay! Be sure to join us in the Sim Deck for the Video Game Cosplay Exhibition, starting at 9:00PM Saturday, July 29! Plan on bringing a cosplay of a video game character to the show this year? Stop by the information booth before the show for your chance to strut your stuff for the cheers of the crowd! This is a no pressure, no competition event where everyone has a spot in the limelight.

How it works:

  • Characters must be in a video game.
  • No restrictions on cosplay source, can be bought or crafted.
  • Participants will sign up for the exhibition throughout Friday and Saturday inside the Sim Deck.
  • Participants must report to the Sim Deck before the event begins to guarantee the ability to participate.

More updates coming soon!

Be sure to also check out our other schedules as MechaCon 2017 approaches!