Dealers Room

MechaCon’s 2318 Vendor’s Market is currently SOLD OUT.

Want to be a part of our MechaCon Vendors Market?

MechaCon has become a proven concept in the anime convention arena.

Bridging the genres of Anime and Transformers with Japanese cultural exhibits, panels and presentations, MechaCon is the first and only convention of its kind. With a large number of our attendees choosing MechaCon as their very first convention experience, MechaCon offers dealers a virtually untapped market of fans eager to partake in your offerings.

Conveniently located on the I-10 corridor, MechaCon is located in the Crescent City, New Orleans, Louisiana. Being a convention held in New Orleans, MechaCon is easily accessible for fans joining us from not only south, central and north Louisiana, but east Texas, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida. With attendees having joined us from areas as far as Europe, it is easy to see why MechaCon promises to be a well-attended event from all fronts.

The Vendor’s Market for 2018 is currently sold out. If you would like to be added to the waiting list, please contact us using the form below. If there is a cancellation, or for some reason a spot becomes available, people on the waiting list will be contacted in a first come, first serve capacity. Please keep in mind that being on the waiting list by no means guarantees you a spot. Thanks.

Looking for a Map and Vendors List for the MechaCon Vendor’s Market?Click here for more info