Volunteering for MechaCon

Read First – Sennin Productions, LLC reserves the right, upon review of volunteer registration, to refuse any potential volunteer for any or no reason. Sennin Productions, LLC also reserves the right to dismiss any volunteer at MechaCon 2318 for any or no reason.

Attendees must be 15 or older to volunteer. No volunteers under the age 15 will be accepted.

If you have any questions about volunteering, please email our Volunteer Coordinator or head over to the Volunteer Group on Facebook.

Volunteers will be handled on a day-to-day basis. Registration fees are waived for volunteers on the day they are volunteering. Each volunteer will be expected to work a minimum of 4 hours per volunteer day.

If you attend MechaCon on all three days and only volunteer for one or two days, you will need to pay the at-door registration fee for day(s) not volunteering.

Volunteer hours will be in 4-hour shifts. In the appropriate fields below, please mention which areas you prefer to work on which days.

Minors must submit a written and signed letter of consent from a parent or legal guardian which allows you to volunteer at MechaCon. Without this consent letter, you will not be allowed to volunteer.


ALL volunteers must provide a valid picture ID with birth-date
when reporting to the volunteer coordinator.

You will be required to
in order to receive your volunteer badge and work your shift.

When you turn the volunteer badge back in,
your ID will be returned and you will be given your regular badge for the day.

Step 1 – Fill-out and Submit the following form to inform our volunteer coordinator that you would like to volunteer at MechaCon. All applicable fields must be filled.


Step 2 – If a minor, have a parent or legal guardian write and sign a letter of consent which allows you to volunteer at MechaCon. Without this, you will not be allowed to volunteer.

Step 3 – Be sure to submit signed parental consent via mail or present it at MechaCon when reporting to volunteer coordinator.

If submitting parental consent via mail:

MechaCon 2318 Volunteer Consent
c/o Sennin Productions, LLC
P. O. Box 60873
Lafayette, LA 70596

Volunteer applications requiring Parental consent forms not received by July 27, 2018 will be considered void, rendering the volunteering minor ineligible. MechaCon must have parental consent letter in-hand for a minor be allowed to volunteer.

MechaCon and its staff reserve the right to dismiss any volunteer at any time for any or no reason.

By submitting the volunteer registration form, you are acknowledging you have read this entire page and fully understand the details described herein.