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Team MechaCon wants you to enjoy your time at our upcoming event and to see that you get your money’s worth, especially in these tough economic times. Make sure that you get the genuine, quality article when you shop.

Not only do you get the best, you help to keep your favorite anime goodies coming by supporting the Anime Industry.

Here is a guide to help you spot bootlegs.

Say “NO!” to bootlegs and illegal downloading and “YES!” to OFFICIAL releases!

Illegal downloading and bootlegging not only hurts the industry, but hurts YOU in the end. Please visit one of these fine companies and support the anime industry by purchasing their OFFICIAL products instead of downloading and bootlegging!

MechaCon is doing our part to end piracy.

Are you?

Industry Support

MechaCon extends its heartfelt thanks to the following donors of prizes and general swag for our event. It is with the support of these companies that we are able to continue providing you, the attendees, with such a great annual event!