Main Events

Opening Ceremonies

Kicking off our convention weekend on Friday, the Opening Ceremonies is an event where we introduce our guests, cultural VIPs and convention organizers. This is a can’t-miss portion of our convention weekend.

MechaCon Dignitary Reception

MechaCon loves its Dignitary registrants! As such, on Friday, our Dignitary registrants will be treated to a reception where they can mingle on a personal level with our honored guests. This unique event is only available to Dignitary registrants, so get your Dignitary Access before they’re all gone!

Ambassador Autograph Sessions

Our Ambassadors are a very important part of your convention experience… and with Ambassadors come Autograph Sessions! Autograph Session rules and scheduled times will be available in our MechaCon Guidebook App.


MechaCon 2318 Guests


Be sure to also check out our other schedules as MechaCon 2318 approaches!