Video Rooms

What's playing at MechaCon?

Anime covers all sides of the entertainment audience, so the anime rating system was created. In a lot of ways, this is the most successful of all rating systems, as it not only gives a recommended age, but also lists the content in the film and parental guidance warning.
TV-G, TV-Y, E:

Generally acceptable for children. No Nudity. Possible mild violence.
TV-PG, PG, T, 13+,TV-14:

May contain violence, brief nudity, and/or mild language. May suggest sexual situations, but no situations are shown. Parental discretion advised.
16+, TV-MA, R:

Strong violence and strong language. Prevalent Nudity may be contained within the picture. Mild sexual situations may be shown.

From chibi catgirls to ginormous transforming planets, MechaCon’s video room programming includes a variety of some of your favorite anime titles. We have the best in Shojo, Mecha and Shonen animation and our video rooms feature movies, new releases, and misc. anime.  Always a great place to stop and relax during the busy convention weekend, our video rooms are sure to please.

Be sure to also check out our other schedules as MechaCon 2318 approaches!