Say hello to the MechaCon Art Contest Winner/Guest Artist – Kelli Sarré!

MechaCon Art Contest Winner/Guest Artist Kelli Sarré

Please join us in welcoming Jonathan Klein to MechaCon X!

Jonathan will be helping with our Charity

Join us in welcoming back Greg Weisman!

In celebration of Gargoyles' 20th Anniversary; we're

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Pre-registration is Now Open!

We will have 110 GoldPasses for sale this year for our 10th year celebration!

MechaCon X House Party Contest!

DJ Wildfire is looking for some DJs to help him out during the House Party. He is looking for one DJ to open the

Rounding out the MechaCon X Cosplay Competition Judges

Rounding-out our 2014 Cosplay Competition Judges panel, MechaCon is excited to welcome Twinfools and Nova as distinguished Cosplay Guests to our show! Twinfools and

MechaCon Red Carpet Affair Theme

In celebration of 2014′s triumphant return of the legendary anime SAILOR MOON, we are excited to announce the theme for this year is: MechaCon

The TEEN TITANS are coming to MECHACON in New Orleans!

Since a few people have asked… No, this is not an April Fools joke! The TEEN TITANS will be at MechaCon in 2014!

Andrea Romano is coming to the Big Easy for MechaCon X

Have you watched any animation on television in the last thirty years?  Of course you have.  And whether you realize it or not, you’ve