Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger Hunt Table located on Level 1 near the Colonial Bazaar.

Play the MechaCon Scavenger Hunt!

While enjoying your stay on Crescent Station, we invite you to do a bit of exploring! Playing the MechaCon Scavenger Hunt will help you to discover areas of Crescent Station you may not have yet explored. Enhance your stay by challenging yourself with picture challenges, and searching for G.E.A.R.E. pods and QR codes. It will be fun for all ages! The MechaCon app can be used to heighten your hunting experience and help track your progress. Whether you’re enjoying MechaCon for only one day, or the whole weekend, you’ll have plenty of chances to win!

Who doesn’t love prizes? MechaCon loves to give out prizes, and the Scavenger Hunt is no exception!

  • 1st placeMechaCon 2319 Dignitary Access Pass
  • 2nd place: MechaCon 2319 Diplomat Access Pass
  • 3rd place: MechaCon 2319 Citizen Access Pass

If you find a G.E.A.R.E. pod, bring it to the Scavenger Hunt table to win a prize.

Signing up for the Scavenger Hunt is easy! You must be a MechaCon attendee, and all we need is a name and phone number to contact you in case you win. You can sign up at the Scavenger Hunt table, located on Level 1 near the Colonial Bazaar.

Are you up for the challenge?!