Artists Alley

MechaCon’s 2017 Artists Alley is now sold out.

This year’s Artists Alley sold out in just a few minutes. The response was overwhelming. We apologize to all of you who were unable to get a table. If you would like to be added to the waiting list, please email us . If there is a cancellation, or for some reason a spot becomes available, people on the waiting list will be contacted in a first come, first serve capacity. Please keep in mind that being on the waiting list by no means guarantees you a spot. Also, if you have a fan group and would like a fan table, fan tables are still available at this time. More info on fan tables is available further down on this page.

MechaCon’s Artist Alley is a place where artists, modelers, and small publishers can have the opportunity to display and/or solicit their works to our attendees. Artists can also use this area to take commissions and create new works. Some Artist Alley participants may choose to use their space to advertise their services or promote their clubs. Open to all artists, from beginners to professionals and studios, artists can use this opportunity to get their art out to the public and to meet fans of their works.

Artist Alley tables are now only available as a registration package which includes one table and one registration (equivalent to Citizen Access). The cost for an Artist Alley Registration is $110 ($65 for the table, $45 for the badge). An additional Artist Alley badge (for an assistant to help at your table) may be purchased with your table registration for an extra $40. Limited to one additional badge per Artist Alley table registration. The assistant’s badge MUST be purchased along with the original table registration. It cannot be added on later. If you chose to have an assistant to help with your table, and do not register them with the original table registration, they will have to purchase a regular Citizen Access pass or other weekend badge for the convention on their own. Tables are available on a first-come-first-serve basis, and cancellations are non-refundable. If all available tables are filled, a waiting list will be established for other interested registrants. Persons on the waiting list are not guaranteed a table.

Please note: T-shirts and lanyards may be added to your registration for an additional fee.

Click here for a list of Artisan Market Participants


*If you are an Artists Alley Participant and would like your website linked to your name in the list below, please email

*coming soon!

Please note the following:

Artist Alley registrants will receive an email stating the acceptance of his/her Artist Alley registration once his/her registration has been processed.  A second confirmation email containing your table number will be sent within a few weeks after you register online.

Registrants will receive their badges (and shirts where applicable) as well as table assignments at the convention with a valid photo ID. Hotel accommodations are NOT included with any registrations. Please visit for additional registration options, information on the event, hotel information, rules & regulations. We reserve the right to refuse any registration for any reason.

A current, valid picture ID is necessary to pick up any badge/registration/Artist Alley packet. Artist Alley registration packages can only be picked up by the attendee the packet and table is registered to.

We are not responsible for any errors submitted during the registration process.

Once you have registered and acquired an Artist Alley table, there is no refund. However, you can replace your name with another adult’s name as well as other important information before June 23, 2017. Please contact the Registration Coordinator to make changes on the registration and Artist Alley records.

MechaCon Fan Tables

Due to the increasing number of clubs and organizations requesting fan tables at MechaCon, we have come up with a list of FAQs and new guidelines about fan tables. Fan tables are NOT the same as Artists Alley tables, Industry tables, or Convention tables.

What is a fan table?

Fan tables are provided at MechaCon on a first-come, first-serve basis to qualifying fan clubs and non-profit organizations that wish to promote at our convention. MechaCon reserves the right to refuse a table to an organization or club that we feel may not be appropriate for our event, or for a fan table.

How much is a fan table?

Fan tables are free of charge to qualifying organizations and groups on a first-come, first-serve basis. Tables are very limited.

Do the members of my group have to buy badges if I have a fan table?

Fan tables come with 2 complimentary weekend passes. All other members of the group will have to buy badges to attend the convention, and/or work the table. Citizen Access is available in advance for $45 until March 1st or $50 until June 23, 2017. Or, passes can be purchased at-door for $60 for the weekend. Individual day passes are also available at the door.

Can I sell merchandise at my fan table?

Sorry, but as a courtesy to our vendors and Artists Alley participants who purchase tables to sell merchandise, we cannot allow any sales of merchandise at fan tables.

Is electricity available at my fan table?

Sorry, but we cannot provide electricity to fan tables, due to the cost involved from the hotel. However, if you are near an outlet, feel free to plug something in. Please keep in mind though, that we will not know specific placement of fan tables and outlets until we get to the hotel, so we cannot take requests to be near outlets, or start moving people around at the last minute. If you get lucky enough to be placed by an outlet, feel free to use it, but we make no promises.

How do I get a fan table for my organization or club?

To be considered for a fan table, please send an email to with a description of your club, contact information, and links to any web pages that you may have. A reply will be sent to you letting you know if you have been approved, and if your table has been added to the list, with further instructions.

Thank you for your interest and we look forward to seeing you in July!