Cosplay Policies and Guidelines

MechaCon is a safe and friendly cosplay environment

Cosplay = costume + play. Your costume may be from any genre, book, anime / manga, video game, or Japanese culture.  No excessive sexual themes, violence, or nudity will be tolerated. We have a strict PG-14 rating.

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Hall Cosplay Contest

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Convention Interaction Policy

Cosplay does NOT equal consent! MechaCon will enforce a strict “HANDS-OFF” policy. Please keep your hands and feet to yourself and do not touch any person or cosplay without their permission. Harassment can ruin any situation; unwelcome hugging, glomping, groping, or touching will not be tolerated. All violations will be addressed by convention security and all violators are subject to revocation of their badge for the remainder of the weekend.

If you feel harassed in any way or witness harassment, please report the incident with the person’s name or description to security. Harassment is not limited to physical contact. It includes, but is not limited to verbal abuse, physical harassment, or stalking. Please be respectful to all attendees, staff, hotel personnel, and hotel guests.

Be aware when taking photos of Cosplayers or the convention. Blocking hallways is a fire hazard and it is best to move to an area out of the flow of convention traffic as to not disrupt other attendees. When taking overall crowd or event photos that do not specifically target any one person, permission is not required. If a person is reported to convention security for taking crowd photos with the intent of photographing a specific individual without their consent, the photographer may be required to submit the photos in question to security for review.

Refusal to cooperate with convention security of staff may result in revocation of convention access or badge for the entire weekend. Likewise, any person who makes repeated false accusations of harassment against other attendees or photographers may be asked to leave or face revocation of their badge for the entire weekend.

Cosplay and Clothing Coverage Policy

There will be a strict PG-14 policy. NO excessive violence/gore. NO sexual content. NO nudity. NO profanity. NO implied obscenity. MechaCon Staff has the right to deny or prohibit any costume, for any reason, at any time.

Cosplayers and cross-players alike will be required to cover their private areas, per societal beachwear standards. Coverage must be equal to a modest swimsuit. Cleavage, under-breast, side breast, and buttocks exposure must be kept to a modest minimum. Sheer fabric over private areas will not be considered coverage. Please be respectful of MechaCon’s family friendly policy.

Proper footwear will be strictly enforced. This means NO BARE FEET allowed anywhere on the convention floor, NO ICE SKATES (even if they have guards), NO ROLLER-BLADES/WHEELED SHOES. Jazz shoes, ballet flats, or invisible shoes will be acceptable as long as they protect the soles of the feet from the ground. Please do not wear ballet point shoes unless you have been trained to wear them.

Pasties will not be acceptable as outerwear (for males or females) and will not be allowed. Males must wear a shirt or other modest coverage while on the convention floor. This policy will be waived within the confines of the Main Events Room during the Main Cosplay Contest for the duration of the contest only. Males may remove their shirts for brief photo ops, but they must be put back on after photos have been taken.

Body paint will be allowed, assuming it conforms to the modest swimsuit rule above. Full body paint will still require you to wear a suitable top and bottom. Latex pasties and undergarments will not be accepted as proper coverage and will require a change of attire to remain on the convention floor.

While the hotel’s dress code becomes very liberal for our event, we will continue to respect their standards of dress. Security has the right to ask attendees to change their attire if it is deemed unfitting of the dress code.

Recently, a disturbing trend has developed in the anime fandom that we felt the need to address. Due to the popularity of several anime, manga and J-pop artists using symbols and uniforms from Nazi Germany, there have been some cosplayers at other conventions who seem to think that openly wearing swastikas and other hate symbols is ‘cool’. There have even been instances of groups at other conventions performing Nazi salutes.

The Staff of MechaCon shares the sorrow of literally millions of Jewish, Polish, Gypsy and other families who lost children, brothers, sisters, husbands and wives to the evil of the Nazi regime and has the utmost respect for the men and women of our armed forces, who have put their lives on the line to ensure the freedom and civil liberties upon which this country was founded. We WILL NOT, under any circumstances, allow the symbols of these atrocities, or hate symbols of any kind, to be worn or displayed at MechaCon. We reserve the right to ask you to remove any such symbol, or to remove you from the convention floor should you refuse to do so. We do not dispute your right under the First Amendment to express your views by wearing a swastika out in public; MechaCon, however, is a private event, to which we welcome members of every race, creed, religion and orientation. We want everyone to feel comfortable at our event, and these symbols are offensive to many and outright insulting to some, and as such are in direct opposition to the spirit of community and family that MechaCon has tried to engender in our attendees.

Any symbol that can be characterized as a hate symbol should not be worn at MechaCon. This includes the swastika. We realize that the swastika originated as a Buddhist symbol and was adopted by Nazi Germany. This does not change the fact that, after years of use as a representation of the Nazi’s attempt at ethnic cleansing by the murder of millions, the swastika is known the world over as a symbol of hatred. It has, unfortunately, taken on a new meaning, and has fallen out of use by most Buddhists. Further, it is absurd to suggest that it is being used for its original Buddhist symbolism while attaching it to a Nazi uniform or other WWII period costume.

Other unacceptable symbols are the “SS” thunderbolts, the noose, “HFFH” symbols, and any other symbol that is widely accepted as a symbol of oppression, hatred or violence towards a specific group of people. Again, we want everyone to feel comfortable at MechaCon and have an enjoyable experience. MechaCon is not the proper venue for political or moral debate, and we reserve the right to remove anyone participating in conduct that may be offensive to our staff, guests or other attendees. Please be aware of and courteous towards the feelings of your fellow con-goers. Just because something is not offensive to you, doesn’t mean it is not offensive and hurtful to others.

We appreciate your help in keeping MechaCon a peaceful, fun environment.

Because certain cosplays may make it difficult to accommodate our modesty rules, the prosthetic of your costume must offer sufficient coverage to the body to act as a respectable top and bottom. As this is a gray area, final decisions on the suitability of your costume to be worn at this convention will be left to the discretion of the Cosplay Coordinator. Please be prepared to show source images and explain why the costume in question is unable to adhere to any of the rules listed above.

Prohibited Materials Policy

Glitter, sand, loose flowers/petals, confetti or other loose materials will not be allowed. If your cosplay includes any of these materials, please ensure it will be secured to your costume of clothing. Let’s leave the hotel as clean as possible!

Profanity displayed on flags, garments, costumes, bags, or any other personnel will not be allowed anywhere on the con floor.

Cosplay = costume + play. Your costume may be from any genre, book, anime / manga, video game, or Japanese culture.  No excessive sexual themes, violence, or nudity will be tolerated. We have a strict PG-14 rating.