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J-Fashion & Lolita

MechaCon 2017 J-fashion Tea party: Under the Milky Way

MechaCon 2017 Community & Brand Fashion Show: Journey Through the Cosmos

Kimura U

The world’s most pink creator, Kimura U (木村優 ), is known around the globe as a fashion creator, model, and voice actress.

Kimura U was appointed an official Kawaii Ambassador by the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs with the mission of promoting Japanese pop culture through Harajuku fashion and anime. She has since appeared at more than 10 countries around the world as part of the Ministry’s Cool Japan program, including the US, Russia, and China.

Her first original publication “1st STYLE BOOK – Kimura U” was an instant hit, featuring her original concept of “Moehara,” combining “Moe” (meaning cute, from otaku fandom) with “Hara” (short for Harajuku).

In 2016, Kimura U created the Kawaii version of the official NHK mascot character Domo-Kun, as well as garnered attention for her costume designs for the popular idol group Wasuta (The World Standard). She also made her voice acting debut in the anime “Idol Memories” and successfully performed in China.

In 2017, Kimura U unveiled her new fashion brand KawaiiHolic, which gained many fans with the slogan of “Quitting Kawaii is the same as dying.

The world’s most pink creator and shining star of Harajuku is unstoppable!


MechaCon 2017 J-fashion Tea Party: Under the Milky Way

Calling all star sleuths, Martian maniacs and Astro adventurers! Please join us at MechaCon’s fourth annual tea party for an extra special starry soiree- Under the Milky Way! It is guaranteed to be an out of this world occasion with delicious snacks, exciting games, and a host of giveaways and prizes! Kimura U will also be joining us for our space spectacular! She’s incredibly psyched to see all of your cosmic coordinates! Tickets will be sold online until we are sold out. J-fashion is required for the tea party. Cosplay not allowed.


You must have a MechaCon badge and tea party ticket to gain entry.

The tea party theme is “Under the Milky-Way.” This is a space themed tea party. The theme is not required but encouraged.

This year’s tea party will be expanding to welcome all forms of J-fashion. All tea party attendees must wear Lolita, Ouji, Aristocrat, Otome, Fairy-kei, Gyaru, Morigirl or other J-Fashion. You may also wear formal attire. If you have any questions, on what styles will be welcomed, please feel free to e-mail mwood@mechacon.com

All Japanese brands, indie brands, and handmade items welcomed!

  • There will be no brand restrictions on this event.
  • Cosplay and other costumes are not be allowed.
  • Please arrive at least 20 minutes prior to the event for seating and check in.

Ticket Price: $45

Register Now!

Tea party tickets are non-refundable; however, you may transfer your tickets. If you need to transfer your tickets please contact mwood@mechacon.com. You may transfer tickets to another badge holder. Please include in your email that you wish to give your ticket to another badge holder and state their name, phone number and email. We will confirm with you and that party that the change has been made.

About the Artist:

Virginia Hilton is a self-taught artist from Germany. Tired of living like a Fairy Tale character in the Bavarian forest of Germany, she decided to move to Los Angeles to pursue a career in gaming, art, and localization. Her background has inspired her to create fanciful multimedia art pieces. Her artistic visions culminate in a variety of mediums: digital and traditional paintings, as well as ribbon embroidery, or vintage treasure making. Her favorite things include cats, frilly dresses, and flowers. Which, incidentally, are also her favorite things to draw and work with.

Her artwork will be on display and a part of the charity silent auction at MechaCon’s Lolita tea party.
Art by Ainiwaffles: https://www.facebook.com/ainiwaffles/
Aini Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/ainiwaffles

MechaCon 2017 – Journey Through the Cosmos

Calling all Lolitas! We want you to come and show off your biggest and brightest outfits for MechaCon this year! It’s the grand return of the community fashion show! We want to encourage all Lolitas, whether you are local or coming in from out of town, to apply to be a part of this show! We want the flashiest, the biggest, the scariest, the coolest, the most elegant, the cutest- we want it all! Go big or go home!

In addition to the opening community show, we will be also be hosting a multi-brand J-fashion show. Brands are too be announced in the coming weeks! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask! Contact us at mwood@mechacon.com.

Community Fashion Show

Community fashion show application:
Apply Here

J-Fashion Brand Show

J-fashion brand show application:
Apply Here

Featured Brands

galaxxxy is a Japanese fashion brand, influenced by a scattered virtual world of past and future music, anime, streetwear, and net culture. Founded in 2008 by Hiromi Kishii, galaxxxy has grown to be a beloved brand in the J-Fashion world, and has collaborated with some of the biggest names in music, anime, manga & video gaming. Now galaxxxy is spreading outside Japan, with the goal of sharing our fun, colorful, and energetic world with everyone across the globe!

Follow galaxxxy on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Official Website: http://galaxxxyrocks.com/

Baby Ponytail is a British Lolita label that was founded in 2014. Inspired by the love for nature, fairy tales, baroque elements and antique porcelain dolls, the label trusts its own imagination to create clothes for girls with dreams. Baby Ponytail will be one of our featured brands in our fashion show along with having pieces for sale at our J-fashion booth in the dealer’s room.

Mossbadger produces limited edition garments, accessories and textiles that are hand-silkscreened in Chicago and digitally printed by spoonflower. Prints are influenced by symbology, folklore, history, and magic (and sometimes cats). Mossbadger will be one of our participating brands in this year’s show!


Kammie Pom is a cute culture advocate from New Orleans who finds creative outlet through her passion for everything cute. Her first MechaCon was the inauguration in 2005, and she has tabled in the MechaCon artist alley ever since! Starting with fluffy handmade hats, her brand Minty Mix has grown into a sugary, colorful wig and DIY accessories brand. She believes in encouraging others to be free to share their passions for the things they love through what they choose to wear, create, and collect. Her favorite mediums include sculpture, accessory designing, and small item photography.

New designs from Minty Mix will be showcased in our J-fashion show at MechaCon! Don’t miss it!

Artisans Market Booth #: 310
FACEBOOK- https://www.facebook.com/mintymix
INSTAGRAM- https://www.instagram.com/mintymixshop
OFFICIAL WEBSITE- http://mintymix.com/

The Lolita Staff at MechaCon are working hard to bring you amazing programming for 2017!

We will also continue to make announcements about more fun things to come! You can keep updated here!