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Make way for Queen D! The self-proclaimed southern queen of crossplay! (What a mouthful!) You may recognize her from her wildly unsuccessful YouTube show the Dlist!

Queen D is a thirteen year seasoned cosplay veteran, emcee, and burlesque performer! Known for her wild antics and insane style of hosting shows, causing general chaos, and eating chicken nuggets! A known makeup artist, she has traveled all over the country blessing peasants…Uh…attendees with her shenanigans.

She hosts a variety of panels throughout the day teaching general cosplay knowledge, stage presence, posing, and makeup! Known as the queen of late night at conventions, she is infamous for her 18+ panels so be sure to attend if you are of age!

MechaCon tried to get away from Queen D by blasting off into space but she stole a ship and followed. D is excited to be traveling to space to provide galactic entertainment to all aboard Crescent Station!




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