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Chemist and MBA candidate by day; cosplayer, photographer, and con mom by night. A master of trial and error and the five foot rule, her favorite aspects of cosplay are usually painting and detail work. A cosplayer since 2008, she somehow still spends most of her days looking at unfinished cosplays, miscalculating the time needed to finish them, and seam ripping late into the night. Though she used to be a proponent of the “eight costumes a weekend” tactic, in her old age (23), she now prefers to relax with location shoots, peruse cons leisurely in comfortable or casual costumes, and enjoys spending more time behind the camera. Fun fact: she also really likes bears and has a feisty and rebellious shiba puppy named Captain Kuma, along with an abnormally grumpy hedgehog named Mr. Grizzles.




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