What if you could be the star of your very own story? A story that was larger than life and more colorful than you ever imagined! 

Welcome to The Bollywood Game, a competitive card game that brings Bollywood, the world’s biggest film industry, to life and where anyone can be the hero of the movie. Solve your problems with a bit of song and dance and if that doesn’t cut it,  how about you punch the bad guys square in the face? Take this filmy journey as your friends turn foes, your romance is put to the test and you gotta fight for what is right at every turn. While you’re at it,  make sure you make it look good… Think you have that combination of beauty,  brains and bravado to be a Bollywood star? Only one way to find out. Play The Bollywood Game!

The Bollywood Game is a joint effort created by Brazilians, Indians, Americans and Indonesians, and is set for a Kickstarter release soon, in the meantime enjoy playing the game for the first time in North America only at MechaCon.


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