Ten-HUT! This is United Marines Captain Skye Russo and Corporal Sean Hayes reporting to you from our Volunteer Headquarters! As we begin boarding the U.F.S. MechaCon to take this journey to Crescent Station, I’ve heard several potential attendees expressing concern over their personal monetary limitations. As you are probably aware, the deadline for purchasing boarding passes is almost upon us, which has become a growing concern among those of you facing these financial limitations. Worry not though, because we have a solution for you!

You can attend MechaCon for FREE by signing up for our Volunteer Corps program! As part of our Volunteer Corps, for every 4-hour shift you work, you’ll get a FREE pass for the day! You won’t find a better bargain than FREE, guys! With your help, not only are you providing much needed support for the crew of the U.F.S. MechaCon, but you also SAVE MONEY! Join our Volunteers Facebook group if you are interested in signing up to be a part of the corps!

We’ll see you aboard Crescent Station!

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