Cosplay Contest

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Saturday July 28, 2018
General Assembly
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Seating will begin at 2:15PM, The contest will begin at 3:00PM.

MechaCon 2318 Cosplay Contest Information

Thank you for considering MechaCon’s Main Cosplay Contest. To ensure your experience is made easier, more fun, and more memorable, please familiarize yourself with the information below.

General Rules

Costumes may draw inspiration from any genre, book, anime/manga, video game, or historical/cultural source. Original characters are welcome.

Groups can include up to 6 individuals.

Participants may only enter the Walk-On OR Skit division. Entering in both categories or in multiple groups will lead to disqualification of all parties.

Entries including cosplays that have won an award at any MechaCon Cosplay Contest in the past will be disqualified, unless that cosplay has been heavily altered.

Cosplays should be self-contained with no external electrical hookups. Any excessive flashing/strobing lights must be reported to MechaCon Staff at the time of entry for warnings to be issued to the audience. Participants must demonstrate electronics for safety purposes upon request.


Walk-On entries will be allowed 30 seconds on stage and will compete to music provided by the convention.


Skit entries will be allowed up to 3 minutes on stage and will compete with the audio file they submitted online. NO audio will be accepted On-Site. Audio must be in MP3 format and cut to the exact length of your performance before submission. There will be no substitutions for audio at the convention.

Category Classification

Cosplayers are welcome to enter a higher category if they feel their skill level is appropriate. In the event that judges deem an entry to be a higher level than initially applied, they reserve the right to bump the entry to the appropriate skill level.

  • Novice: For Cosplayers with little or no experience in cosplay contests. Has won no more than one minor award (i.e. Judge’s Award) and no major awards (i.e. Best in Show).
  • Intermediate: For Cosplayers with some experience with cosplay contests or a few awards. Has won no more than two major awards.
  • Advanced: For Cosplayers with a great deal of contest experience. For anyone who has won more than 2 major awards.
  • Exhibition:  For Cosplayers not competing for craftsmanship awards. Cosplays are not required to be handmade and this division is open to everyone.
  • Children:  Only open to those under the age of 13. (Special needs teens may compete in this category if they feel more comfortable in this division.) Parents MUST accompany their child to the Pre-Meeting and at all times backstage.







General Contest Information

Seating will begin at 2:15PM. The contest will begin at 3:00PM. The program of events is as follows:

  • Welcoming
  • Children Walk-Ons and Award
  • Novice Walk-Ons
  •  Intermediate Walk-Ons
  • Advanced Walk-Ons
  • Skits
  • Exhibition Walk-Ons / Halftime Show / Judges Deliberation
  • Awards Ceremony
  • Closing Statements: If you must leave before closing statements, please notify cosplay staff.

Awards are as follows:

  • Best in Show – $1,000 + Trophy
  • Best Skit – $200 + Trophy
  • Best Advanced Walk-On – $100 + Trophy
  • Best Intermediate Walk- On – $100 + Trophy
  • Best Novice Walk-On – $50 + Trophy
  • Best Individual Walk-On – Trophy
  • Best Group Walk-On – Trophy
  • Judges’ Awards – Trophy
  • People’s Choice Award – Trophy
  • Platinum Choice Award – Trophy
  • Best Children’s Walk-On – Trophy

Please direct any questions regarding the Cosplay Contest to

Staff has the right to refuse/disqualify any entry, at any time, for any reason. In the event that any foul play or unfairness is detected, the incident will be handled based on the severity of the infraction.

All rules for the MechaCon Cosplay/Masquerade are subject to change without notice. While we will attempt to keep you abreast of any changes via the MechaCon website, these changes may occur at any time.

Join your fellow competitors and attendees in the MechaCon Cosplay Contest Facebook Group!