Crescent Station’s Red Carpet Affair

When: Friday July 28th, 2017 at 9:00pm
Where: Coming Soon
Who can attend: Any registered MechaCon attendee!
Attire: Formal/Semi-Formal Cosplay-Optional

Dress code

This event is Formal/ Semi-Formal Cosplay-Optional.  What that means is that this is a classy event where tuxedos, suits, evening gowns, and fancy dress are encouraged as well as formal cosplay.

Here are a few guidelines to abide by to keep the spirit of the event intact:

– Men (or crossplayers) should be in a tuxedo or a suit. A jacket, tie, and slacks are acceptable. Shoes must be dress shoes or similarly appropriate. A simple dress shirt with tie will not be allowed.

– Women (or crossplayers) should be in an evening gown, cocktail dress or formal/semi-formal ladies’ suit. Skirts/dresses cannot be higher than the fingertips of hands at the side. Similarly, dress slits cannot be above the hands. Please remember that there are younger attendees who do attend this event. Footwear must be dressy or similarly appropriate.

– Formal kimonos and other formal Asian wear are allowed and encouraged.

– No bare feet. If you cannot dance in heels then please wear nice shoes that you can dance in. Not only do bare feet tend to get stepped on, but some shoes/boots did disappear last year. MechaCon is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged personal items, including footwear.

– No casual clothes; including but not limited to t-shirts, sneakers, jeans/denim, etc.

– In the past hats have been knocked off and stepped on while dancing. Thus, it is highly recommended that unsecured small hats should be removed while on the dance floor. Although, it is proper for Gentlemen to remove their hats while in the ballroom and likewise for large hats for the Ladies, this year we will allow them to be worn inside, EXCEPT on the dance floor. If hats and headgear become a problem, we will revert to the previous rules for future events.

– Any props used with a cosplay outfit HAS to be secured to the costume, such as in a holster or scabbard, etc. A walking cane/stick will be allowed but not on the dance floor itself.

– Era, International culture, or Fantasy formal are invited.

– The event hosts have final say on what stays and what goes. Please be aware that they are merely performing their duties as instructed, and they may not be aware of nor informed in the formal attire shown in every anime.

7ezovccjPlease remember that this is a FORMAL/SEMI-FORMAL Cosplay-optional event. The “regular, everyday” cosplay outfit will not be allowed. For example: Master Roshi in his beach shirt, shoes and sandals would not be allowed; but when the dress suit he wore to go to town would. The outfit *must* be considered formal to the specific anime. The Rave/House Party is Saturday night for those wishing to dress in a rave/party fashion.

If you have any questions on what would be allowed, feel free to email MechaCon with any questions you may have.