MECHACON is a safe and friendly cosplay environment

Convention Interaction Policy

Cosplay is not consent. MechaCon has a very strict “HANDS-OFF” policy.  We are here to have a fun time and harassment can ruin any situation, please keep your hands and feet to yourself and do not touch anyone’s cosplay or person without their permission. Unwelcome hugging, glomping, groping, grabbing and touching will not be tolerated and will be addressed by convention security, if necessary. Repeat violators will be asked to leave the convention and face possible revocation of their badge for the entire weekend. We uphold a no harassment policy. If you feel harassed in anyway, please report it to security with a name or some sort of identification for security.

Do not harass other cosplayers or convention goers. This includes but is not limited to: verbal abuse, physical harassment, or stalking. Be respectful to yourself and others around you.

When taking photos of cosplayers or of the convention, please do not block hallways. This is a fire hazard and we ask you step to a better area out of flow of convention traffic.  Be aware that persons who are taking overall crowd photos and are not specifically targeting any one person, are not required to ask for permission.  If a person taking crowd photos is reported to security as photographing specific individuals without their consent, the photographer may be asked to show security the photo(s) in question.  Refusal to cooperate with security in a situation such as this may result in the photographer being asked to leave the convention and face possible revocation of their badge for the entire weekend.  Any person making repeated false accusations against photographers may likewise be asked to leave the convention and face possible revocation of their badge for the entire weekend.

Cosplay and Clothing Coverage Policy 

NO BARE FEET ALLOWED anywhere on the convention floor.  You must wear shoes at all time during the convention. Jazz shoes, Ballet shoes, and invisible shoes are acceptable as long as the soles of your feet are protected from the ground.

We uphold a strict PG-13 rule, NO excessive violence/gore, NO nudity, NO profanity, NO implied obscenity.

Cosplayers and crossplayers alike must cover their private areas, per societal U.S. beachwear standards. We ask that the cosplay or clothing have coverage equal to a modest swimsuit. Cleavage, under-breast, side-breast and buttocks exposure must be kept to a modest minimum. MechaCon is a family friendly event. Please be respectful of this.

Pasties are not acceptable outerwear (on males or females) and are not allowed. Males must wear a shirt when on the convention floor.  Shirtless male cosplay may only be done within the confines of the Main Events hall during the Cosplay Competition. While the hotel’s dress code becomes very liberal for our event, it is still in effect. Males may remove their shirt for photo ops, but we asked you put it back on after the photos are finished being taken.

Be sure your costume or outfit has non-see through material over the private body parts for both male and females.  Persons with sheer fabric that allows private body parts to be seen will be asked to leave the convention floor.

If your clothing does not conform to our dress code, security has the right to ask you to change your attire.

Body paint IS allowed. However, the modest swimsuit rule still applies. As mentioned above, male and/or female pasties are not considered acceptable outer wear by MechaCon’s dress code and are not allowed in the cosplay contest or at the convention in general. Full body painting requires that you must have a functioning top (for females) and bottom (males and females) that covers as much as a modest swimsuit. Latex pasties or undergarments do not count as proper coverage and you will be asked to change immediately.*

No implied obscenity or sexual content is allowed. (Example: implements or props extruding from the crotch area in a phallic manner).

*We recognize that certain cosplays such as Mystique from the X-men films and Witchblade may be difficult to constrain to our “top and bottom” rules.  In these cases, the prostheses in your costume must be of sufficient coverage to act as a respectable top and bottom.  As this is a grey area, given the convention’s family-friendly position, our Cosplay Coordinator will make the final determination on whether or not your costume falls within our dress code.  You will be expected to provide a source image showing why your costume is unable to adhere to the “top and bottom” rule as stated above.

Prohibited Materials Policy

No profanity displayed on flags, bags, costumes or any other personnel.

Glitter, sand, flowers, confetti, tinsel or other loose material are not welcomed. If your cosplay has any of these materials, please be sure it is secured onto your costume or clothing. We want to leave the hotel clean as possible!

Cosplay Contest Information

Thank you for considering MechaCon’s Cosplay Contest. MechaCon’s Staff strives to make your experience easy, fun and memorable. Below are briefs on each portion of MechaCon’s Cosplay Contest. Please read thoroughly.

Limited Cosplay Contest Online Pre-Registration coming in May

Contest Registration information Coming Soon

MechaCon Cosplay Contest Rules

Content rules Coming Soon

Please direct any questions regarding the Cosplay Contest to

All rules for the MechaCon Cosplay/Masquerade are subject to change without notice. While we will attempt to keep you abreast of any changes via the MechaCon website, these changes may occur at anytime.

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