MechaCon’s Tabletop Gaming Department is pleased to continue our original multi-year epic, The Shattering Chains Saga!

As the droid revolt continues on the planet Sylvia, the New Republic quickly moves forward in its plans to stage a show trial for the recently captured leader of the revolt, Cho-V.S. The New Republic hopes that such an action will help to quash the revolt, but unbeknownst to them, there are others who have their own sinister agenda.

This year, Team MechaCon proudly presents Star Wars: The Shattering Chains Saga Episode II – An Illusion of Justice. How will this story unfold? Will the fires of revolution be extinguished? Or will they continue to spread across Sylvia, and perhaps, beyond? And will this be the final year of our latest Star Wars tale? All of these questions will be answered by YOU! This is your story, make it a great one!


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