Music Ambassador

GHOST DATA‘s origins began during The Nocturnal, birthed within an aria of splendor and symphony. Fascination for music evolved into a deep desire to compose original pieces themselves, leading into the beginning of a 4 year long self study of sound design and concept works.

Inspired by anime, video games, and stories, GHOST DATA began the musical voyage of The Shepherdess, their current mascot and concept work for which their compositions are based from.

With works inspired by acts like Bjork, deadmau5, and Purity Ring, GHOST DATA‘s haunting melodies and caustic percussive works (with a sprinkle of VOCALOIDS and vocal chopping added into the mix) soothes the soul and energizes the heart.

GHOST DATA continues to compose and create new music with love and passion for his craft. So long as the light of The Shepherdess continues to glow, GHOST DATA will continue to grow for all of time.






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