Charlie Rocket

DJ Ambassador

Dallas based Charles Barbosa, better known by his stage name “Charlie Rocket“, has impressively taught himself the skills and talent needed to become a successful DJ and Producer, as well as a DIY Keyartist.

With over five years experience producing, he’s had multiple releases on the widely popular Dutch label, Housepital Records, including Dance or Die, Oh No!, and We Are Starlighter Pilots, with several more bass tracks soon to be released.

Not one to be limited to a single genre, Charlie Rocket is a multi-genre artist with a cyberpunk influence who appreciates a variation of genres including trap, metal, dubstep, future, electro trash, and enjoys blending the wide range of sounds into seamless rock and roll inspired mixes.

After a debut DJ performance at live music venue Bomb Factory supporting international talent while performing for over 2,000 attendees and recent media features in the Dallas Guide Live, Dallas Morning News and The Observer, it’s apparent that the future is bright for the multi-talented Charlie Rocket.

~Crystal Garcia | Magnetic Magazine





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